Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2nd paradox in Portugal…

Preface for paradox

This part of note is an instrument for acknowledging the readers about differences among nations, states, races, religions, which included into global world elements. No judging or final statement, only describing the irony.

2nd paradox in Portugal…

Shock culture is a usual thing when you go abroad; leaving your base-community, which has similar values and sights. That’s what actually happening on me since the first time I saw this country, Portugal. Not all are different, but much things are there.

No matter how simple is it, differences about attitudes will felt significantly. Furthermore if it related with the most sacred ritual of human, eat. Every person are banned to get burp (saltpeter) after eating, it such an impolite attitude around Portugal, generally, or maybe in the whole Europe (I had informed while took table manner course in my home university). It may more impolite rather than fart, also. It can disturbing other people while eating.

In Indonesia, although burping also looks like uncivilized, but it still respected as a satisfied expression after eating. As an Indonesian which has no doubt about this, the Portuguese reaction upon it sometimes are too reactive for me. However, I can accept it if should be banned because disturbing others while eat; Portuguese logic reason.

On the other hand, there is another culture which shocking eastern viewer like me. It is ‘legal’ for each couple here to do lip-kiss (often added with other moves which are done privately on usual) at public area, which can be showed freely by others surround them. There are general regulation for keep up the private right people in Europe, so that is why others which disturb them can be punished, even they do that because being disturbed upon this vulgar action.

Paradoxically, burping with your own human-right as a people are banned, but kissing even it may triggering sense should be kept??   


  1. Hey my brother, this is tendency of one culture the way they practice and do surely would shock us but that is culture. we are as an alien when we are in different culture. when they are in our culture they become aliens for us. we respect the way they practice and do. we accept but not behave likewise if we don@t want...but sometimes we do we respect them..

  2. it should be respected,, of course bro... Im only showing that the culture sometimes cannot be explained by using logic reason.. attitude comes from the usual thing we do, and its unconsidered generally.. why it did oftenly caused we want to do strict explanation upon this case..
    thanks for the comment..

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