Friday, October 15, 2010

Dialectic: Debating The True Values; Is The 2010 Peace Nobel Judgment Bias??

Debating The True Values; Is The 2010 Peace Nobel Judgment Bias??*

Muhammad Abdul Mannan

Nobel prizes in this year have not much surprise. Almost all of the candidates are being agreed by world public as the proper-persons. But it not happens also to Liu Xiaobo, a freedom-right-activist from China, which awarded Peace Nobel for 2010. The massive contra comes from China’s Government, indeed, as the protest object from Liu Xiaobo and his compatriots since Tiananmen’s incident on 1989. For some observer, although it is protested by China’s Government, it seems showing the Nobel award is back to the nature; goes on the most “proper” person; after awarded to Barrack Obama and assessed as “immature award”.

It may not be Nobel if the status is not debatable. People may think that the proper one is A, based on the universal values, but some others may think no for A because sometimes the true values are bias. We still remember upon one of the most popular awarded-people in Peace Nobel, Nelson Mandela, which chosen after proved delivered South Africa better in the terms of society (kept the majority rights on the top, also impacting to the societal welfare). It seems like approved by everyone. How about Liu Xiaobo case? If we ensured that China now is much better rather than several decades ago (simply if the purpose of democracy is making people “happy”, it still needed to uphold this system when another way of politic make people “happier”?), and Tiananmen protest case being the old story of China, is Liu Xiaobo still proper enough to receive the Nobel prize?   

*Note: However, political tendency nowadays always influencing the policies. Sometimes right or wrong is depends on that.

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